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        2. Our Team

          TourGo are always looking for dedicated professional engineers and oversea sales to become part of the team, sound, lighting, staging, and conference system.


          William Shen

          Chief Executive Officer

          As co-founder and CEO of TourGo, William has over 25 years of event management and production experience in the Pro Light & Sound business. He grew TourGo into a major industry powerhouse by listening attentively to customer feedback and assembling a responsive business model, more agile and effective than the larger, slow-moving competition. His experience and strong knowledge and operations are a great asset to various event.

          ‘I have worked hard over the years and I’m proud of TourGo, as always I look forward to what the future holds and watching the companies grow’


          Vivian Wong

          Executive Vice President

          As a member of the founding management team at TourGo, Vivian contributed to TourGo’s quick rise from start-up to an international powerhouse. Vivian has been Director of Operations for TourGo since 2005. Her experience includes program and extensive project management of live events; mix engineer and systems integrator for many large sound & video installations.


          Hank Weghorst

          Technical Director

          Hank is nearly the longest employee William has ever had, been with TourGo for over eleven years. Runs the company on William’s behalf and is chief technical engineer. He has over eighteen years experience of sound engineering, does lights, qualified electrician, Production, entertainments rigger and all round good guy.


          Fredy Lee

          Sales Manager

          With more than 10 years of experience in professional sound and light, Fredy has held strategic marketing and operational positions with numerous sound & light production companies. He is the main point of contact for our clients.He makes sure your questions get answered!


          David Xu

          Marketing Director

          An industry veteran focused on professional Pro Sound and Light marketing, David served for eight years as TourGo’s Marketing Manager. He brings with his a wealth of experience, creativity, and marketing skill.

          “He is a proven winner, with a commitment to excellence, and we’re delighted that she has agreed to lead our marketing team.”


          Maria Xie

          Customer Service

          Maria takes care of order input, order tracking and anything “customer service”. If you can’t figure out who to call, Maria is your Gal!

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